Virtual Reality production in atlanta

Custom Virtual Reality Apps & 360 Video

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Business VR Use Cases


trade shows, conferences, board meetings


corporate, athletic, academic recruiting


product demos, branded cardboard headsets  


immersive simulations, behavioral modeling

services we perform

Our Capabilities

Turnkey VR Development

We can directly handle all aspects of your VR needs - from ideation to finished product, we can be your sole source for accomplishing your goals

Mobile VR Development

If you already have virtual reality ideation and graphic design resources in-house, we can focus on bringing your creative vision to life!

Experience Ideation

Look no further than Foundry 45 for a partner to help guide you through what's possible. Use our experience to mitigate risk and avoid costly mistakes!

360 Videography, Photography

We can capture your business or event in 360 still or video, for use within a VR app or across 360 video distribution networks such as YouTube 360 and Facebook 360.

360 Content Stitching, Post-Production

Shooting video or stills in 360 is only half the battle - we can also finish the footage with stitching, color correction, and other post-production services.

Motion Graphics, Animation

Let us bring your 360 content to life with exciting, interactive motion graphics and animations. These can be directly encoded into 360 video or dynamically overlaid and interactively triggered within a VR app.